We had a very good time today at a Musical called Equila! Although I'm not that much into horses I loved the performance of the actors, especially the horseriders, dancers and acrobats! It was a perfect Sunday afternoon at a great location!

DIY – Silk painting

Hi guys, have a new hobby: Silk Painting. I's great fun and I really enjoy painting on silk. I'm using the set from DJECO as they are for beginners and not as tricky as painting on plain silk. They have special markings so the colours won't go over the lines. Even as a child you... Continue Reading →

Quick Slime Receipe

I'm really into slime (like a lot of girls in my age at the moment). I love kneeding the wobbly and chiggely texture of slime. It is really satisfying to play around with it. And: I have seen hundreds of different videos on how to make slime, and tried out dozends. One of the receipes... Continue Reading →

Book Recommendation

As you might have read before, I had a lot of time in the last days. So I read and read and read... The book I read last was recommended by a classmate 2 weeks ago when we had our yearly book presentations. The book is called Wunder in German (Wonder in English). It was... Continue Reading →

Sunday – still ill

Sunday did not start like I wanted it. Still fever and in addition I was feeling sick! So we had to skip our mother day's visit to granny. I was very sad because I like my granny really very much. Good that I had prepared my mothers day card and handmade soap already two weeks... Continue Reading →

Saturday – windowscolours

Saturday morning I was not feeling better at all, so we decided to stay at home the whole day. I was reading and watching some DIY videos on how to make a bottle slime. I tried it, but it did not work, I only got some liquid, not hard enough for slime. Finally I took... Continue Reading →

What a Tournament day….

Can you start a blog with a sad post? I don't know, but I just do it. Today was not as good as I thought it would be in the morning... At our school we have a Tournament day once a year where all of our classes compete in soccer and another german game called... Continue Reading →

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