DIY – Cute Christmas Hats

  Hi my friends, and welcome back to Lillys World! Today I am going to show you how to make these cute little Christmas hats: The only things you need are: some wool a scissors a ruler a toilet-roll (without toilet paper) Firstly you cut about 50 strings of wool, about 30cm long. Then you... Continue Reading →

Shrink Plastic DIY

Hi my friends, Today I will be showing you how to make shrink plastic ornaments. The only things you need are: Shrink plastic (my mom bought it online) Colored pencils A pencil ✏️ (and eraser...) A scissors ✂️ Templates of your motiv (optional) Firstly you take your shrink plastic and a template and trace it onto... Continue Reading →

How to DIY a pencil case

Hi my dear friends, Since I didn't blog for a while I thought I would show you one of my favorite DIY's. A handmade pencil case/beauty case for my mom. You only need: a sheet of felt (A4) a hot glue gun elastic rope (min. 60 cm) a variety of decorations (a colorful ribbon, some... Continue Reading →


Hi my friends, Did you know I have a new hobby? It is handlettering. Despite our addiction to electronic media and gaming, this really is a good hobby. You immediately get a result you can keep and give away to the ones you love! Our class teacher really can do brilliant hand lettering work. She... Continue Reading →

DIY – Silk painting

Hi guys, have a new hobby: Silk Painting. I's great fun and I really enjoy painting on silk. I'm using the set from DJECO as they are for beginners and not as tricky as painting on plain silk. They have special markings so the colours won't go over the lines. Even as a child you... Continue Reading →

Quick Slime Receipe

I'm really into slime (like a lot of girls in my age at the moment). I love kneeding the wobbly and chiggely texture of slime. It is really satisfying to play around with it. And: I have seen hundreds of different videos on how to make slime, and tried out dozends. One of the receipes... Continue Reading →

Saturday – windowscolours

Saturday morning I was not feeling better at all, so we decided to stay at home the whole day. I was reading and watching some DIY videos on how to make a bottle slime. I tried it, but it did not work, I only got some liquid, not hard enough for slime. Finally I took... Continue Reading →

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