I love Ballet

Hi my friends and welcome back to Lilly’s world! Today I am going to tell you something about my favorite sport: Ballet!

I’m dancing ballet since I was 3 years old and I always loved it. It is a really hard sport that helps you build muscles 💪. The ballet school I’m going to is located near my school in Munich Bogenhausen, and it followe the curriculum of the RAD which means the Royal Academy of Dance (www.rolalacademyofdance.org). Many ballet schools all around the world are teaching the same classes.

The classes are sorted in grades and for each grade there is an exam and also a new tricot :-). Unfortunately without tutu or so. It’s only a coloured body…. The person that does the examinations is always from another country. I already had examinations with teachers from Singapore, England and Italy. So for my ballet it’s good to speak english.

I’m dancing grade 3 at the moment with a dark red body and for one part of the exam (character dance we have long skirts) and black shoes with soles.

Recently I often got teased for doing ballet, because some people say it is no sport, but I did not bother and for all people that do ballet, never stop because people are mean to you! These people are just jealouse, because ballet is a really good sport that keeps you fit!

Here are some pictures of me doing ballet over the years:

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