Book Review – Holes

Hi my friends,

Here is the second book review on my blog.

The book I want to recommend to you is called “Holes”, and we are reading it in our English class at the moment. The author is Louis Sachar and the book has 233 pages. It even won an international book award, which you can see on the picture of the front cover below.


It is really fun and addictive to read this book and I enjoy every page! The book is about a boy called Stanley Yelnats . He was blaimed to have stolen the sneakers 👟 of the famous baseball ⚾️ player Clyde Livingston, but he didn’t. He got sent to Camp Greenlake, a camp for troublesome boys. At Gamp Greenlake Stanley and his tent ⛺️ mates have to dig a hole 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide every day.

If they would find something interesting they would have to give it to the warden. Are they searching for something ? Are the boys finding something ? – (despite from many, many learnings about themselves) .

If you want to find out, read the book 📚 or first watch my video:



Bye 👋

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