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Since you know I am born in Munich – that’s why I have to write about the Oktoberfest – we call it “Wiesn” by the way!

Wiesn is really fun, you can go on many rides, like rollercoasters 🎢… and you can win things like cuddly toys or slime by throwing darts at balloons or balls at tins….
If you go there you will wonder about the clothes the people wear, that’s Lederhose and Dirndl. But that is not special here at Munich…

Look at me, I wore dirndl at every age. I even wore a dirndl at my first day of school!




There are two parts of the Wiesn, the Oide Wiesn (which means old or traditional Wiesn) and the “normal one”. The Oide Wiesn is more for children and generally families because there are not so many people who are drunk and it’s more fun for families. The “normal Wiesn” is more for teenagers and grownups, but there are really fun rides (240 meters free fall and rollercoaster)!

A fun fact of the Oktoberfest that it is actually in September 😂.

If you want to go to the Oktoberfest with children I would go there at 10:00 am and leave at 3:00 pm the latest because then there are not so many drunk people.

This year I went to Oktoberfest twice so far (Wiesn is still until Sunday, let’s see).

Once to the “Normal Wiesn” with my parents and my mom’s company (like every year). We were at the Schottenhaml Festzelt, which is a big very traditional tent where we had reserved tables for all the employees. There was a band playing traditional Bavarian (and other) songs to entertain the people, which are sometimes standing on the benches dancing. People drink and eat there, so that is not that interesting for children, but I meet some friends here every year…


The second time we went to the “Oide Wiesn” with some friends. We sat in the sun eating and had a lot of fun and took many rides on different fun rides. That’s my preferred Wiesn time as we are much more outside…



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  1. Very informative. I’ve just returned from there, back to my home in Australia. We were there as they were setting up. I’m not a beer drinker and didn’t realise there was also a family component to it!

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