5 minutes Bow-DIY for kids

Hi again,

Today I am going to show you how to make cute little bow clips. You only need:

  • A Piece of felt ( A4 )
  • A scissors ✂️
  • A hot glue gun
  • Gem stones (optionally)
  • A clip (optional)

To start you have to cut of a somewhat skinny strip of your felt, about 4-5 cm. Secondly you cut your remaining piece of felt in half. Next you glue in the edges onto the felt both long sides (like I show in the video). Then make two dots of glue in the middle and fold one side into the middle so it is attached, do the same thing with the other side so there is no space more in the middle. Now take your skinny strip and glue the edges in so you have a thinner strip.

Finally you can now pinch into the middle of your main piece of your bow and take the other two sides so you form a bow. Now take your skinny strip and glue one end onto the back side of your bow. Wrap it around, you may notice that that the skinny strip is to long, just cut it off and glue on the other end.

Above all , of you want a true five minute DIY you can stop here. But if you want to decorate your bow with gem stones and glue a clip to the back.

I hope you enjoy my DIYs ! If you did not understand or you want to see how it is done, check out the video 😉.

Lots of love Lilly

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