Hi my friends,

Did you know I have a new hobby? It is handlettering. Despite our addiction to electronic media and gaming, this really is a good hobby. You immediately get a result you can keep and give away to the ones you love! Our class teacher really can do brilliant hand lettering work. She is my role model! My mom ordered some books for me. This is one of the books I enjoyed most:

I really enjoy writing creatively and with a nice handwriting. You only need some fine liners or brush pens and then you can start!

For false Kalligraphie you will need the fine liners. When you draw a line down you make it thicker(make a second line next to it then color it in) and if you draw down thinner.

For real Kalligraphie it works the same just with brush pens, these are special pens for Kalligraphie they automatically make the lines down thicker and the lines upthinner.

You can mix acrylic paint to your handlettering to make little pictures like I did below. It was very much fun. The speech below is in German and it says: “Give every day the chance to become the best day of your life” (I hope I translated properly…)


I will be on holidays the next weeks and write you soon!

Bye !!😃😃

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  1. Hey lily
    I think that your hand lettering looks so professional.
    It’s also a hobby of mine and I would like to do it together with you sometime.
    Amelie ❤

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