Quick Slime Receipe

I’m really into slime (like a lot of girls in my age at the moment). I love kneeding the wobbly and chiggely texture of slime. It is really satisfying to play around with it.

And: I have seen hundreds of different videos on how to make slime, and tried out dozends. One of the receipes I love most is the following one as the resulting slime is not to sticky. In my opinion it has the perfect consistency.

You only need two ingredience (plus food colouring, if needed), laundry detergent (Feinwaschmittel) and  PVA Glue (Kinderkleber). To create the slime you also need a bowl and a mixing spoon.

The following slideshow shows you all the steps to create your slime:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Start with the glue, then carefully put in the laundry detergent with a little spoon and mix together until the mass has the consistency you like most! You can put in the food coloring as a last step, it still works.

One last thing about the receipe: The slime does not last tooo long, if it ist not in an air tight container. If you play too long it gets hard and more like clay.

Have fun with trying out the receipe, I will keep you posted on new DIYs!

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