Sunday – still ill

Sunday did not start like I wanted it. Still fever and in addition I was feeling sick! So we had to skip our mother day’s visit to granny. I was very sad because I like my granny really very much.

Good that I had prepared my mothers day card and handmade soap already two weeks before (remember I’m German, so all the adjectives/nouns on the card that describe my mom are in German). She was very happy to get it.


Daddy brought her a heartshaped flower buquet. Mum had packed a garden rose named “Heidi Klum” for grandma, but we can only bring it there next weekend.

Again it was a boring day although I could play with dad in the garden in the late afternoon. In the evening we baked pizza, mine was heart shaped.

So let’s see what tomorrow brings. I have to go to the doctor and stay at home for at least another 2 days. I hate it!

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