What a Tournament day….

Can you start a blog with a sad post? I don’t know, but I just do it. Today was not as good as I thought it would be in the morning…

At our school we have a Tournament day once a year where all of our classes compete in soccer and another german game called “Völkerball”.

I’m in 4c and we have another teacher than 4a and 4b in sports. Our teacher did not even practice once with us, because he thinks other games like baseball are more important. So we already knew we would loose before we even started. Although we were cheerleading best (me in front row), we lost and got place 3 (from3) in soccer as well as in Völkerball. Some boys cried at the end or got mad at the teacher. They take those things more serious than girls, but somehow I was dissapointed too.

In the afternoon I could not attend my beloved ballet class and now, even worse: I’m cold and hot at the same time. 38.7 degrees fever…

Enough of that. Hope I can post something more positive tomorrow….



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